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Customer Point of View is Everything

Jan 29, 2018 FBS Admin

Each summer in Fargo, we host a client Summit that’s largely focused on product training and education. Annually, a high percentage of our clients attend; a diverse blend of executives, MLS administrators and trainers. We spend a few days together learning, connecting and of course, having fun. As a planner, participant and observer, it is hands down the event I look forward to most each year. The opportunity to build and foster personal connection is second to none. It’s also wonderful to see our Fargo staff get quality face-time with the clients they regularly interact with via email and telephone; it’s like dozens of mini-family-reunions all happening at the same time!

During the most recent July 2017 Summit, our marketing team spent nearly a full day talking with our MLS clients individually, on camera. The candid feedback we received was awesome, providing us with a lot (A LOT) of meaningful, valuable content from a broad cross-section of customers. (Sidenote: I have tremendous gratitude for everyone who had the courage to stand in front of the camera, endure the lights, equipment, etc. and speak from the heart – thank you!)Culling the hours and hours of content was no small task because all of it was so incredibly great. We had a hard time cutting anything. To remedy the situation, we developed a series of mini-videos and client vignettes. Each video has a specific focus relevant to the MLS, Association executives and Board members. We’ll be sharing these throughout 2018.

In this blog, I’m sharing two videos. In the first video, we asked our client-partners a few open ended questions with the goal of understanding their individual experience with FBS as a core technology partner. Our goal was to let those experiences speak for themselves and showcase our valued customers. The second video? Well, that’s for sheer entertainment. It’s a short “blooper” reel where you can get a laugh watching your peers show their silly-side.

We hope you enjoy, find it valuable and pass it on!

Until next time, stay well.

Kim Prior

(PS -1: If you have an FBS or Flexmls story to tell, reach out to me
(PS – 2: Major shout-out to Katelyn and Danna from our marketing team for exceptional recording and production work!)